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FAI & Labral Tear Model
(patents pending)

Hip Model Video - Main Pic.jpg
FAI Hip Model
  • Lightweight small desktop design

  • Easily demonstrate CAM

  • 3D printed using high quality HP Multi-Jet Fusion PA12 material

  • Vapor smoothed

Hip Model Video - CAM Pic.jpg
Rotating CAM
  • Thumb knob easily and quickly allows you to demonstrate a CAM impingement vs femoral osteoplasty

Hip Model Video - CAM2 Pic.jpg
  • Demonstrate hip impingement and ROM limitations

Hip Model Video - CAM3 Pic.jpg
Hip Model Video - Labrum Pic.jpg
Rotating Labrum
  • Labral piece rotates to show torn and anchored labrum

Hip Model Video - Labrum Pic2.jpg
Hip Model Video - Final Pic.jpg
  • Torn vs repaired labrum

Vapor Smoothed
  • Enhances and improves color

  • Improves water resistance and reduces absorption of hand oils

  • Smooths surface

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