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FAI Hip Model


To enter our FAI Hip Model giveaway, please enter your information below.  There will be two drawings: one for health care providers and the other for physical therapists.  Note that credentials will be verified via NPI to validate winners.  Even if you don't win the drawing, you will be emailed a discount code for 20% off a FAI Hip Model.  Aren't we nice?


Can't wait?  Buy the model here.

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Email List

You have been entered!  You will be notified if your name is drawn.  After drawing you will be mailed a 20% off discount code for the FAI Hip Model.

*We find SPAM and RoboCalls super annoying, don't you?  Your information will not be sold and is protected.  You will have a one-click opt out button on our marketing emails.  On average, we send a marketing email about once every three months.

*AdvaMed Code of Ethics: A Company occasionally may provide items to Health Care Professionals that benefit patients or serve a genuine educational function for Health Care Professionals. Other than medical textbooks or ***anatomical models*** used for educational purposes, any such item should have a fair market value of less than $100.

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