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  • Universal in size and fits left and right knees

  • Designed with comfort in mind

  • Simple to apply and easy to take off

  • Integrated cold therapy or hot/cold pack (cold therapy unit, pad or hot/cold pack NOT INCLUDED, MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY)

  • Provides compression and support

  • Breathable lightweight material

  • Removable hinges

CryoKnee - Main.png
  • Provides compression & support to reduce edema

  • Durable

Cold Pad 1.png
  • Fits most circulating cold therapy pads (universal & hip)

  • Accommodates most hot/cold packs

  • Breathable material reduces condensation and keeps surgical site dry

  • Built in barrier prevents frost bite

  • Cold therapy unit, pad or hot/cold pack NOT INCLUDED, MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY

Softgood Cut Lines CryoKnee.png
  • Customize and trim to better fit patient

  • Endless customizations possible

    • Trim calf strap​

    • Trim thigh strap

    • Open up poplietal area

Hinge Straight.png
Hinge Bent Outward.png
Hinge Bent Inward.png
Hinge Bent Outward and Inward.png
  • Removable hinges allow enhanced support if needed

  • Metal hinges can be contoured to accommodate legs of all sizes and shapes

Rom Hinge Close Up 1.png
  • Set flexion and extension settings to limit knee ROM

  • Extension can be limited from 0° - 90° and flexion can be limited from 0° - 150°.  The brace can also be locked out to immobilize the knee.

Thigh Calf Wrap Cut.png
Thigh Calf Velcro Piece Applied.png
  • Trim thigh and calf straps to fit smaller legs

  • Included Velcro tabs relocate thigh and calf closure.

CryoKnee - Main.png
  • 4-way stretch fabric accommodates all patella sizes

  • Provides light compression on patella to reduce "window edema" by comparison to open patella designs

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